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These cell images were used for testing segmentation algorithm. DOI


Cell segmentation is a critical step in most imaging cytometry experiments. Image cytometry is a valuable tool for understanding cellular responses to pharmaceutical and environmental effects.

Manual Reference segmentation

The data used in this study examine two cell lines and five imaging conditions. These consist of A10 rat smooth vascular muscle cells and NIH-3T3 mouse fibroblast stained fluorescent Texas Red-C2-maleimide cell body stain.

Non-Optimal Filter

For the non-optimal filter conditions, the cells were imaged with Texas Red excitation filter (Chroma Technology, Excitation 555/28 filter dichroic beam-splitter #84000, emission #42345)

Optimal Filter

For the optimal filter conditions, the stained cells were visualized with a Texas Red filter (Chroma Technology, Excitation 555/28 #32295: filter dichroic beam-splitter #84000, emission 630/60, #41834).)

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