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Type the first three letters of a word, for example, 'hyd' (for hydrolase).


Chem-BLAST (Chemical Block Layered Alignment of Structure Technique) is a technique of annotating, querying and analyzing chemical compounds using a taxonomy of structural fragments. Chemical structural fragments are used for annotating all of the chemical compounds that are in the database. This technique allows you to group, sort, and search structural neighbors effectively. To start the search you can either go to the Image Taxonomy tab in the menu or time few letters of word in the Key Term search box.

Key Term Search

In the Key Term Search you can enter the name of the disease or drug you are looking for, and continue your search with the resulting Image Taxonomy tool.

Image Taxonmy

Taxonomy has been widely used to organize content management. They provide an effective tool to create efficient search engines that provide succinct answers to complicated questions. In chemical informatics, although search engines have become much more sophisticated in recent years, finding information on the Internet is still often a hit or miss proposition. You may get zero hits or you may get too many hits. This is partly because of the use of un-structured Web in chemical informatics. Here we present a rule and ‘root-based’ structured taxonomy for structures. In this approach highly re-used motifs such as ring structures are considered the entry point (level1 ) of a taxonomy. These re-used motifs together with additional neighboring atoms added in multiple steps are considered as level2, level3 etc of the taxonomy.